Cobra International Ltd.
is very proud of its growing relationship with customers, which has evolved and strengthened throughout the years. Since the early days of our operation, we realized that you - the customer, is our strongest asset, and that together we are growing stronger every year.

We want all of our customers to be comfortable and pleased with the results of our business transactions, knowing that we are here not only to sell, but to listen, help and advise.

Based on these principles, Cobra International Ltd. has become a major player in some of the world's toughest markets, including, but not limited to, military and civil aviation, as well as construction machinery and equipment.

Through representation and affiliation with FAA authorized overhaul and maintenance facilities, we are also contracted for engine, component and accessory overhauls. In the area of military support, we service customer requirements for various types of military jets, transport aircrafts and helicopters, both U.S. and European made. We also supply spare parts for army tanks, armoured personnel carriers, personnel equipment and various related ground defense systems.
Our support for general aviation / commercial aircrafts ranges from the various models of Piper & Cessna's to Boeing and Airbus commercial jets. We have support capabilities in areas of airframe, engines and avionics.
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